Palazzo d'Ancona, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, October 22-24 2013

Workshop Rationale:

The yearly DAVID meeting will be held in Pisa at 4C (Center for Computational Chemistry and Cosmology) of SNS (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa). The workshop will last 3 days, from the morning of Tue, Oct. 22th to lunch of Thu, Oct 24th. We are glad to welcome several new Davidians this year, Fabio Pacucci, Bin Yue and Bradley Greig at SNS, and Matteo de Bennassuti and Stefania Marassi from OAR. As usual the meeting will be preceded by an opening cocktail on the 21th in the evening, so the new DAVID members can introduce themselves and socialise with the veterans!

Talks will be 20 mins + 10 mins question time. The program will be dense, so please don't exceed the allocated time.

Rooms in the Puteano guesthouse in Piazza dei Cavalieri are booked for the participants from the night of 21st until the morning of the 24th.

A social dinner will be held on the 23rd, at Osteria la Toscana.

Post meeting updates:

  • This year for the first time the Delta Prize for the outstanding increment in the scientific quality and content of the oral presentation at DAVID VIII was awarded to Carmelo Evoli, HERE in a picture!
  • Other pictures taken during the social dinner can be found HERE.


Monday 21 October


19:00 The cocktail will be held at "Di Qua d'Arno",same as last year! Directions HERE

Tuesday 22 October

Session 1 - Aula Maria Curie, Palazzo d'Ancona, 2nd floor

09.00 Andrea Ferrara: Welcome speach

Chair person: Andrea Ferrara

09:15 Ruben Salvaterra: "News from a complete sample of bright Swift GRBs"

09:45 Emanuele Sobacchi: "The impact of the small scale density structure on cosmic reionization"

10:15 Andrei Mesinger: "Can we detect the pre-reionization 21cm signal?"

10:45 coffee break - meeting room 2nd floor

11:15 Fabio Pacucci: "Focusing on warm dark matter with lensed high-redshift galaxies"

11:45 Stefania Pandolfi: "Updates from the DARK side of Copenhagen"

12:15 - 13:00 Open discussion

13:00 lunch break

Session 2 - Aula Maria Curie, Palazzo d'Ancona, 2nd floor

Chair person: Raffaella Schneider

14:30 Stefania Marassi: "Population III SNae and the elemental composition of carbon-normal and carbon-enhanced metal poor stars"

15.00 Matteo de Bennassuti: "Formation of first low mass stars: constraints from stellar archaeology"

15.30 Leslie Hunt: "The Herschel view of dust in GRB host galaxies"

16:00 coffee break - meeting room 2nd floor

16:30 Rosa Valiante: "Dust in the first quasars as a powerful probe of galaxy/BH co-evolution"

17:00 Carmelo Evoli: "Recent results in high-energy astrophysics"

17:30 Antonella Maselli: "TBD"

18:00 Marcos Valdes: "VIS: Virtual Immertions in Science"

18:15 - 18:45 Open discussion

19:00 Another year, another celebratory cocktail. This year Andrew will kindly offer it, after being appointed "Professore Ordinario".

Wednesday 23 October

Session 3 - Aula Maria Curie, Palazzo d'Ancona, 2nd floor

Chair person: Andrei Mesinger

09:00 Andrea Ferrara: "The mass function of direct collapse black holes"

09:30 Bin Yue: "The near infrared background and the direct collapse black holes"

10:00 Pratika Dayal: "Assembling the earliest galaxies"

10:30 Stefania Salvadori: "Dwarf galaxies and DLAs: clues on the early cosmic star-formation"

11:00 coffee break - Aula Cantimori, 3rd floor

11:30 Bradley Greig: "Assessing the impact of He-II reionisation on the recovery of the BAO scale from the Lyman-alpha forest"

12:00 Luca Graziani: "Multi-band radiative transfer with CRASH4. I. UV and soft x-rays"

12:00 - 13:00 Open discussion

13:00 lunch break

Session 4 - Aula Maria Curie, Palazzo d'Ancona, 2nd floor

Chair person: Ruben Salvaterra

14:15 Benedetta Ciardi: "Updates on projects of interest for Davidians"

14:30 Simona Gallerani: "Far infrared emission lines in high redshift quasars and galaxies"

15.00 Livia Vallini: "FIR emission lines from high-z galaxies"

15.30 Serena Manti: "Cosmic Web classification and linearisation with ALPT"

16:00 coffee break - meeting room 2nd floor

16:30 Andrea Pallottini: "Simulating the metal enrichment of the intergalactic medium by the first galaxies"

17:00 Aycin Aykutalp: "Growth of seed black holes"

17:30 - 18:15 Open discussion
20:00 Social dinner at Osteria la Toscana.

Thursday 24 October

Session 5 - Aula Cantimori, Palazzo d'Ancona, 3rd floor

Chair person: Andrea Ferrara

09:30 Brainstorming

11:00 coffee break - meeting room, 2nd floor

11:30 Breakdown of the projects

12:30 Summary & Conclusions

13:00 lunch

Free Afternoon for bilateral meetings
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