The last HeViCS public data release

HeViCS consists of fast scan parallel mode (PACS/SPIRE) observations of four different fields on the Virgo Cluster. The survey fields can be seen here (V1 is the field at the highest declinations, V2 is the one to the south of V1, etc.). In HeViCS, each of the fields is observed with 8 scans (or 4 cross-scans - 1 cross-scan being made by a scan along the nominal scan direction plus a scan along the orthogonal scan direction).

The images below include all 8 scans. Data reduction was completed in August 2015.

SPIRE mosaic of all V1 to V4 fields, with full extended calibration (should be used when source has scales ~ beam size and above): 250, 350, 500 um

SPIRE mosaic to perform aperture photometry of point sources: 250, 350, 500 um

SPIRE mosaic with coverage, i.e. numer of scan per pixel: 250, 350, 500 um

PACS images at 100um for field: V1, V2, V3, V4.

PACS images at 160um for field: V1, V2, V3, V4.

If interested in single galaxies, please check if they are included in the DustPedia database.
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